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The mid-week moan, again

In the park

It would seem that Britain is more divided than ever today. It will be interesting to see whose side everyone is really on when it comes to the crunch. The elitists are having a funeral for their heroine. She saved Britain; gave us Google, Iphones, Windows 7, Tesco value beef-burgers and Wonga.


Saturday Ideas for living


Today’s picture is of Moorcroft Pool in Moorcroft Wood nature reserve. The reserve is looked after by the council who have to make cuts and so they are cutting back on maintenance in parks and nature reserves. People are complaining about this, but are these facilities that important we should rate them higher than child welfare for example. (more…)

Psychology | manipulation

We all have some weakness and that can make us susceptible to manipulation. There are psychopaths and people with psychopathic tendencies who will readily exploit any weakness they see. They have little or no empathy for people who they perceive as being weaker and more vulnerable than themselves.


Psychology | Vanity




I’ve had a suggestion for a psychology blog about vanity from Poundland Princess. She does seem to have a fetish for  cosmetics! But is it vanity? Vanity is considered in the Christian religion to be one of the seven deadly sins and associated with excessive pride.


Psychology | Psychopathic tendencies

Bentley Mill Way


I saw the BBC Horizon program on TV this week and it was about psychology and psychopathic tendencies in particular and so I’ve had psychology on my mind this week. (more…)