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A Wednesbury Goose

wednesbury goose

I went to the other side of Wednesbury this week taking photos of the geese. This photo will probably be my best one this year. I would have liked the goose in the middle of the frame, but I had to be quick to catch the shot at all. (more…)


The Sunday Ramble: Back to square one


You are probably wondering why I’ve started with a picture of my runner beans. I have just been out to pick them. I have enough for my meals all week! When I first started this blog, I wrote my Sunday rambles as lunch was cooking. (more…)

Society today

“Wealthy elderly people who do not need benefit payments to help with fuel bills or free travel should voluntarily return the money to the authorities, the work and pensions secretary says.” (BBC News) I don’t know. Buckingham Palace is a big place to keep warm, they need their winter fuel payments. They hardly use their bus passes anyway…


A Black Country ramble


The weather is still very changeable in England. I need sunshine! It was a long winter and then we had snow in Spring. I want to take some photos of this beautiful landscape that we have in the Black Country.


Easter Sunday sunshine

Page One

It’s Easter Sunday, the sun’s shining and I’m thinking about photography. I haven’t had a good Sunday afternoon taking pictures for some time. If you’re wondering about today’s picture, those are places around where I live. (more…)

Back to the future

Wednesbury Boys High School

I was transported back in time this week, to my school-days  I went to an informal school reunion in the local pub. That bit at the end of the school in the picture was the school hall and it had a balcony at the back. That was torn down when they turned it into a netball court as part of Comprehensive vandalism by the local council. (more…)

Sods law in a smaller world


Sod’s law is like Murphy’s law. If it can happen it will and at the most inconvenient time. I haven’t been sleeping so well for the past few days. I went to bed early last night, had a shower, watched TV, so I would wind down gradually and I would sleep. Did I sleep? Did I hell! The alarm clock was most unwelcome this morning. Now I’m tired and as Sod’s law would have it, I’m tired and have a tummy upset too.


This week in the trenches

Sunshine 020

I might take some photographs of historic vehicles on Sunday. For the benefit of local people that will be in Walsall Arboretum (extension). I hope I can park my car. I went there when the circus was there and took a few photos. Anyway, I wrote half a dozen blogs on this site this week and some on a zillion ideas too. That site is slowly getting more readers, but it is slow. Please take a look at it and comment, tell me what you think. I always need new readers and so I hope you will also share with your friends on Facebook and other social media sites. I hope everyone enjoyed last night’s opening ceremony for the Olympics. It’s costing enough…


The Black Country Rain Dance


This afternoon the flotilla of boats will go up the Thames as part of the Jubilee celebrations; all broadcast by the BBC. It’s costing over ten million pounds and there will be over 1,000 vessels and 10,000 flowers. The BBC never come here to televise our Bank holiday rain dances do they? They were dancing naked over the allotments this morning to get a bit of practice in. You should see the size of their cucumbers already! (more…)

One of those days…


I usually write about writing today or how to write a novel; but I’m having one of those days when things won’t go right. I’ve been trying to turn off the magnifier permanently on my laptop; it is a real pain. It keep coming  on and changing the size of text at odd times. I think I did something yesterday and now all the thumbnails for my photos have disappeared! It makes it hard to select photos for my blogs. I’ve tried the help files, they were no help at all. I tried the Microsoft site and that is useless too. I wish they would go back to the old days when we had a book to go with the operating system and a way of programming our computers that was easy. (more…)

What’s wrong with this country?


I wanted to write about stupid stuff this morning. Like, why do we erect stupid statues of 6 legged horses, that no one can see. Why does the new college have a wave shaped roof? Why  is the art (gallery?) pink? Why are the stupid people in charge of everything? Why has petrol gone up from 128.9 before Christmas to 138.9 now? Why did the government give lots of money to councils to put disabled crossings on the roads everywhere and then cut benefits for disabled people? Why do I have to pay vehicle excise licence on my car as well as putting petrol in it at an obscene price? Why are they obsessed with stupid acronyms? (more…)

A Sunday ramble on a Monday…

apples 016

Egg ‘n’ Chips

I like egg ‘n’ chips and that was my frugal  Friday dinner. It cost about 60p ($1) and so you can’t get much more frugal than that. I’m writing this and cooking Sunday lunch at the same time. Sunday lunch will be pork, potatoes, cabbage, green beans and gravy. I don’t usually make gravy but pork is expensive so I might as well do this right. I’m even having fruit for desert. That will be three out of my five portions of fruit and veg a day! The pork smells delicious as it cooks! (more…)