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Finance Friday

UK Money

It seems as always that food prices are going up and so we have to try to save a little by shopping around. I have been saving the trays my chicken comes in to ‘recycle’ into seed trays. I’ve bought seed to grow beans and lettuce and I want to grow a few herbs and do a herb garden this year.  Even if you don’t have a garden you can grow herbs in a window box or on the window sill; fresh herbs in soup or stew really makes a difference.


A Sunday Ramble

Wolverhampton 006

Forge Mill Lake, Sandwell Valley.

Daylight Saving

We go back to GMT today in the UK with the end of British Summer Time. The silly people want  to go to Euro-time and stay an hour ahead in winter and 2 hours ahead in summer. For God’s sake, you cannot save daylight! If you want more daylight get up early! Stupid people! (more…)