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Working Class? Who me?

The Swan, Darlaston England

The majority of people in the UK saw themselves as ‘working class’ at one time. The class structure of society was clear, the doctors, teachers and administrators were middle class, the aristocracy was upper class and the people who did the real work were working class. Now it’s more confused.


This week – the truth?

The Milky Pool Millfields

I have written a few blog this week both on this site and on a zillion ideas. The UK is still in recession, the government still insists on austerity and the rich get richer.  I write my ideas on how to cope with all the things that are happening. This week saw the ‘truth’ as the Sun saw it after the Hillsborough disaster. They backed the police, who blamed the fans, but now we get closer to the truth. Am I surprised that a police officer claims that she was coerced into changing her statement by an officer from the West Midlands? Perverting the course of justice isn’t new. News International publishing total crap isn’t new either.


This week in the trenches

Sunshine 020

I might take some photographs of historic vehicles on Sunday. For the benefit of local people that will be in Walsall Arboretum (extension). I hope I can park my car. I went there when the circus was there and took a few photos. Anyway, I wrote half a dozen blogs on this site this week and some on a zillion ideas too. That site is slowly getting more readers, but it is slow. Please take a look at it and comment, tell me what you think. I always need new readers and so I hope you will also share with your friends on Facebook and other social media sites. I hope everyone enjoyed last night’s opening ceremony for the Olympics. It’s costing enough…


Thrifty Thursday 8

Bubble and squeak, eggs and g.beans

Money, emotions and belief

If you haven’t tried bubble and squeak it’s not hard to make. You just mash together some left over boiled potato with boiled white cabbage and mould into a shape and then fry it until golden brown. I put eggs on top of mine and served it up with green beans! Delicious! So what did it cost? The eggs are from caged hens and cost £1.25 for 15; so they are about 17p for 2 and the beans and bubble and squeak cost about 18p. I made a meal for 35p! It was nice too! (more…)