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Frugal Food | Adding flavour

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Herbs and spices

I made a chicken stew over the weekend and put in extra herbs for flavour. This can reduce the cost, because you don’t need so much chicken and is particularly good if you’re using a more expensive meat. I used 2 chicken legs and cooked those in water until I was able to remove the bones easily. I added lots of veggies that included swede, carrots and onion that were in a stew pack, then added seasoning. The herbs gave it a great flavour and I used 1/2 a teaspoon of oregano, sage, thyme, basic and herb d’ Provence. I got all the dried herbs for about 50p a jar from Aldi and Lidl. The basil was in fact fresh and made a difference this week. I made 1.5 litres for less than 2 pounds and it was not only frugal but yummy! You can cut the meat down even more if you add vegetable protein in the form of pulses. Try a cup full dried split peas but soak them overnight first. If you are adding split peas the amount of chicken can be halved. You can also add a chicken stock cube for extra flavour. You can also add an extra onion for even more flavour. (more…)

Frugal Friday | Halloween

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I think I’ll have egg and chips for dinner tonight. It’s very frugal and means I can have something a little more gourmet on Sunday! It’s Halloween in 10 days and so we have to prepare; especially if you have kids. Food is an important part of any celebration and there are warming foods associated with Halloween. You can also make them a bit spooky! I once put dry ice into a punch on Halloween and it formed a nice mist on the surface! (more…)


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