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Hypothermia in Wednesbury


Officially the winter hasn’t even started yet, we’re still in Autumn; but the sub zero temperatures are here. I went to the switching on of the Christmas lights in Wednesbury yesterday. It was cold. The temperature was 0 C and the wind chill factor made it feel like –10. I’ll probably use the photos of that tomorrow.


A week of nostalgia

New moon

Full Moon

There has been a full moon this week and a week of nostalgia for me. On Facebook the new ‘The History of Wednesbury’ continued to get more ‘likes’ and contributions.  There is a lot of interest in local history now, Distinctly Black Country is another Facebook page. I also went to an informal reunion for Wednesbury Boys High School last night. It’s not often I admit to having gone to a grammar school.


The last Sunday ramble of November

All Saints Moxley

Regular readers, will know that I’m into Neodigital Art. Art that has been produced using digital devices not a brush and canvas. What do you think of today’s picture?  I’ll get an exhibition yet! (more…)