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Barclaycard: Could do better

I have finally ordered myself a new mobile phone, complete with car charger. I might be able to get a signal now. I will be able to update Facebook, tweet and maybe even Skype too. I used my Barclaycard, because I get the legal protection on a purchase over £100.



The Saturday review | Winter is coming

In the snow B&W

It might feel like winter, but it’s only Autumn yet. We still have the really cold weather to come, Christmas, New Year and then we have to struggle to pay for the celebrations and the winter fuel bills.


The Scottish Power double price rise!

Money - Seeing the future

Last month, I received an email from Scottish Power with their price rise. Is it simple? Is it hell! There are two unit prices for electricity and two for gas, three out of four will be increasing. Then there are the annual discounts for taking both gas and electricity and the on-line discount. They are being cut by a total of £11.55. It’s complicated, but the unit price of gas is going up by over 12%. Can it get worse? Yes it can. Now they want over 24% extra!


Thrifty shopping | Clothes



The case in the picture I bought from Matalan. I think the price of £19 was good and even better when I used my voucher to get 20% off!  I bought a few things before Christmas like tee shirts and filled in a form at the checkout for a Matalan card and they not only sent me a card but a 20% off voucher! I’ll get comments about my armchairs now or my carpet; that picture was taken in my living room. I couldn’t think where else to take it! (more…)

Thrifty Thursday 18


People do say that I eat too much chicken, but I like chicken! I get asked what else I have eaten and I do have a variety. I ate cornflakes and soya milk for breakfast followed by an egg, pork for lunch with potatoes and vegetables, chicken and chips with veggies for dinner and then made do with a chicken drumstick and prawn cocktail crisps for supper. I also ate a few apples and a banana. I got a lot of vitamins, minerals and tryptophan from the chicken, then lots of fructose to help me absorb the tryptophan! (more…)