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How to be extraordinary

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When M. J. Webb, author of Jake West: The Keeper of the Stones went to talk to students about his first novel and one of them asked the question; can someone from an ordinary background become successful? Can the ordinary become extraordinary? The student was answered by  A. J. Hateley who was the book’s illustrator; she told the student that it’s not where you come from that counts; it’s where you are going! (more…)


I know…

lotto 10-7-2011


Spooky numbers

The lowest number on the lottery is 1 and the highest is 49 and they both came out last night; spooky! It’s not often that 1 and 2 come out either. It’s been ages since the last time; I remember, because my birthday is the 1st of February. Lots of people have their birthday numbers but the problem with that is, if you win you have to share the jackpot with everyone else who has the same birthday! I read this morning that gambling is a fast way to go broke; but if you don’t buy a ticket; you never win do you? I buy my ticket online and then if I win I automatically get an email saying “We have some news about the ticket that you bought for the Saturday 09 July draw.” That is useful, I read the other day that someone had won and not claimed! They probably lost their ticket! I’ll be alright, they’ll send me an email… (more…)