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Facebook, Farmville and silkie chickens

Woden Road South


I check the statistics on my blog quite regularly to see what people are searching for and reading about when they find my blogs. I expect readers from Facebook but rarely get any; except for one particular day when I got loads. I think that might have been the title of that day’s blog, it was about local stuff. I decided to write about local stuff the next week; no one seemed very interested. They also search for information about FarmVille and find my blog and a day rarely goes by when someone doesn’t search for silkie chickens and finds my blog. (more…)

Sunday thoughts…

Manor 038


There was a little snow overnight and icy roads. It seemed to be melting, that’s the last thing I wanted because I have an hospital appointment this week. As usual on a Sunday, I’m writing today’s blog while I cook lunch. The high pressure brought snow but also sunshine and so I intend to go out and take a few photographs this afternoon. This is my second blog of the day. The first blog was about the super food that slows aging; silkie chicken! I get a lot of enquiries about silkie chickens! (more…)