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A Sunday ramble

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Sunday Lunch

I wrote a blog while I was cooking Sunday lunch last week and I’m doing it again! The picture is of my kitchen; it seemed appropriate. People want to know what my kitchen looks like too, they are just nosey!

Smile with tongue out



Last ramble of July…

Butterfly 008


This is my last ramble of July and I’ve started with my photograph of a butterfly! I took this yesterday and it seems to be camouflaged! There is a macro mode on my camera and that’s the mode for close up photos like this one. The rocker switch on the back is simply clicked to the left and a icon like a flower displays. I did have to alter the photo a little after I put it on my computer with Windows Live Photo gallery (it’s free). (more…)

A Sunday ramble on a Monday…

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Egg ‘n’ Chips

I like egg ‘n’ chips and that was my frugal  Friday dinner. It cost about 60p ($1) and so you can’t get much more frugal than that. I’m writing this and cooking Sunday lunch at the same time. Sunday lunch will be pork, potatoes, cabbage, green beans and gravy. I don’t usually make gravy but pork is expensive so I might as well do this right. I’m even having fruit for desert. That will be three out of my five portions of fruit and veg a day! The pork smells delicious as it cooks! (more…)