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Are you brainwashed?

Sandwell 010

I took this photograph yesterday afternoon. There’s nothing unusual in that is there? It might be more unusual than you think. My day was fairly ordinary for me. I had breakfast, did some writing and then Sunday lunch early so I could have an afternoon taking photographs.



Psychology | Coping with anxiety

a choice of paths

Over the past hundred years anxiety has become an epidemic and trying to avoid it changes people’s lives. We have all become more selfish and less sociable. We like to think we are more sociable with global communication systems allowing us to have friends far and wide. We never actually get to meet most of them though. They are not there in our everyday lives giving us support and getting truly involved. Facebook friends are a poor substitute for a friend who will come around and cook for us when we are sick and who will visit us in hospital. (more…)

Technika 19-240 18.5 inch Widescreen HD Ready LCD TV DVD Combi with Freeview & USB Record

TV 015

This is my first product review blog and I have only had this television for a week.


On balance I think there are more pros than cons and so I will start with the cons. The plastic casing is brittle and cheap, no good for the kids room. I’ve already broken the cover for the batteries on the remote. The plating on the sockets isn’t very good and so I lost the signal; it came back after I fiddled with the aerial plug and socket.

Sad smile


Thrifty Thursday 1


Digital Photography

Digital photography can be quite thrifty and a great hobby for the kids. It’s worth buying them their own digital camera. The local park is a great place to begin taking pictures. Incidentally, my previous Thrifty blogs have their own page and  there are still lots of thrifty ideas there. I am using a blog with a permalink this week so I can write it in advance. (more…)

A mid-week ramble


Russia arrests man who ate human liver with potatoes – Reuters

Quite right too, everyone knows you should have onions with liver… (more…)