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Remember when the British invaded America?


I watched a few programmes on TV last night about the British rock bands that invaded America in the 1960’s and since. The onslaught was led by the Beatles and then the ‘ugly’ band; the Rolling Stones. That was a great export and Sweden took on the world with Abba too. America used Hollywood to take on the world with movies. Now the Chinese have taken on the world with consumer goods, maybe we need a new cultural revolution in both Britain and America.



Lame Ducks


Allow lame ducks to go to the wall?

In June 1971 John Davies, Secretary of State for Trade and Industry, declared there will be no more state subsidies for the Upper Clyde Shipbuilders – all part of Ted Heath’s plans to remove “lame duck” industries from the public purse. Shop steward Jimmy Reid’s responded: “We don’t only build ships on the Clyde, we build men. They have taken on the wrong people and we will fight.”

Then in 1981 there was the Toxteth riots in Liverpool and the suggestion that the answer to Liverpool’s problems was managed decline and even partial evacuation was suggested. Liverpool of course had it’s glory days in the 1960’s when it produced the Beatles and Cilla Black and a few comedians. We could ask what did they gave back to Liverpool and why did it decline after the 1960’s. (more…)