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Photography: Black Country landscapes

1 bridges

It’s still winter for another 9 days in, but the sun is coming out a little now. The light for this shot was quite good, but the sun was low in the sky and so lots of shadow. It’s the canal and shows two 18th century bridges. (more…)

Photography | More editing

A Picture

I took this photo on Sunday. I don’t usually add a frame to my pictures, but I did quite a lot of editing on this on. I even put those corner decorations on it. I parked my car a little awkwardly to take this picture because I wanted to rest the camera on the car door. 


Neodigital Art | Apertures

Wednesbury-Ridgeacre-park 001

Narrow aperture

If you read last weeks blog you will know the aperture is like a doorway that lets a lot of light in, if it’s open a lot and less light, if it’s open a little. How long the door way is open also determines how much light gets into the camera. You don’t have to set the aperture, most cameras have settings for landscape, portrait and so on. I set the aperture to wide for this shot of a couple of geese. I get more light into the camera and a short depth of field. (more…)