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As the sun sets on 2013

1 happy new year resized

The weather services are saying it’s above freezing this morning, but the pavement outside my house and my car are covered in frost. The year of 2013 is coming to an end and many people’s thoughts are for the future. Are you making any resolutions for 2014? I’ve made a list of goals for 2014. (more…)


Hacks betrayed

Fleet Street

The hacks of Fleet Street are feeling betrayed by the politicians this week. Gone are the days when their boss was welcome at Number 10 through the back door. They can’t hack phones, buy senior cops a bottle of scotch at Christmas to keep them sweet or even take them out for the occasional slap up meal. 


That Monday morning feeling


I have that Monday morning feeling. Thankfully, I don’t have to drive through traffic and commute. That has been identified as being stressful and a major contributor to people feeling unhappy. People don’t really have high expectations though. Do they? They expect to be unhappy or even miserable.