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Thrifty Thursday: price competition

The Aldi super-six this week are cucumber, spring onions (100g), mixed chillies (80g), pointed cabbage, carrots (1Kg) and broccoli. They are all 39p this week. (more…)


The review: We are yamyams!

1 runner beans

The weather forecast for this Bank Holiday weekend is good. I’m hoping to get out in the garden today and finish my runner bean trench. Gardening is popular in the Black Country. I’ll also be out taking photographs, watch out for me!


The weekend review


I took today’s photo in bright sunshine, unfortunately I don’t have that picture any more. The original was wiped from my computer. I only have this smaller one now, which isn’t suitable for a calendar. I’m hoping the sun will come out this weekend so I can try to get the same shot again. We do have some nice places in the Black Country, it’s a shame they’re not always appreciated. (more…)

Thrifty Thursday: January bargains

The Aldi super-six this week are butternut squash, onions (1Kg), swede, Chantenay carrots (500g), baby potatoes (750g) and tomatoes (6 pack) They are all 49p each and that offer continues until the 30th of January.

The super-six meat offers this week are Southern fried chicken goujons 99p a pack, British lamb shoulder joint (5.99/kg), gammon steaks (1.49 a pack), British pork fillet (6.49 Kg), Simon Howie wee black pudding (99p – 200g) and fresh haggis (1.29 a pack). (more…)

Weekend conclusion

a view of nature

We have lots of Autumn colours to appreciate now, but do we have time to appreciate them? I saw one of my neighbours children going to school really early one morning and found that some are leaving for school at 7 in the morning. Why? They have to go to the best school. No, not a private school like David Cameron. They’re not aspiring to be rich toffs are they?


This weeks blogging review


The snow has kept on coming this week and at the time of writing, I’m expecting more. We do expect the weather to improve over the weekend though. I noticed a patch on my roof where the snow is melting, it’s over the hatch to the loft which isn’t insulated. Heat’s escaping! Have you looked at your roof?


Thrifty sale time


The super-six at Aldi this week are sprouts (500g), carrots (1Kg) and parsnips (500g) are all at 39p and the Maris Piper potatoes (1.5Kg), lemons (6) and clementines or satumas (600g) are all at 69p. The same as last week. I have some shopping to do, so I might look at the today’s special buys this afternoon. (more…)

Thrifty Thursday shopping for bargains


The super-six at Aldi this week are sprouts (500g), carrots (1Kg) and parsnips (500g) are all at 39p and the Maris Piper potatoes (1.5Kg), lemons (6) and clementines or satumas (600g) are all at 69p. Today’s special buys might be worth looking at if you are still looking for Christmas presents.


Thrifty Thursday shopping around

This week’s super-six at Aldi are sprouts (500g), carrots (1Kg) and parsnips (500g) all at 39p each. There are also clementines or satumas (600g), lemons(5) and Maris piper potatoes (1.5Kg) all at 69p. I had the Maris piper potatoes and they overcharged me, I was charged £1.49. I will complain this time!


Shop thrifty – save money



The Aldi Super-six this week are lemons (5), plums (500g), peppers (3), sweet potatoes (750g), conference pears (6) and red onions (750g). I must make an effort to eat more fruit. I bought a kilo of bananas (68p) on Sunday and I’ve only just started eating them. We need lots more vitamins in winter.


Looking for thrifty bargains

UK Money

The Aldi Super-six this week are pineapples, conference pears (6), Kiwis (8), granny smiths (6), oranges (6) and plums (500 grams) all at 69p each.  There are special buys today and on Sunday too. I think I’ll look at the appliance bulbs, the one in my fridge needs replacing. Other bargains this week include those at Matalan, they have some half price offers. I went on Sunday, there was a long queue at the checkout and the car park was packed.


A week of photos and Farmville

Woden Road S. Wednesbury

It stopped raining this week and so I actually managed to get out and take a few photographs. Things look a little different when the sun shines and I do pick my shots when I take photos. The ducks in this photo give the picture a little depth. I also played FarmVille…


Hunting for bargains


I have been to Aldi again this week. The ‘Super Six’ this week are broccoli, carrots (1 Kg), iceberg lettuce, celery, onions and savoy cabbage. I’ve made soup twice this week and so the onions, carrots and celery came in very useful. It’s colder in England now and the delicious aroma of home made soup in the kitchen is one of the pleasures of Autumn and Winter.


Thrifty Ideas to save money

Money - Seeing the future

I popped to Aldi last night, the super six are plums (500g), baked potatoes (2.5Kg), peppers (3 pk), large vine tomatoes (450g), nectarines, (4 or 5) and fun sized apples (6 or 7). They are all 69p each; I had the baking potatoes. There was only one pack of nectarines left and they looked a bit mouldy. I always find apples in supermarkets taste like cardboard and so I wasn’t tempted by those either. I had a kilo of bananas instead, for 68p.


Thrifty Thursday | shop smart

vintage Car

If you read my blogs earlier in the week, you’ll know I went to a historic vehicle show on Sunday and took photos. I converted the photo above to monochrome; just to see what it looked like! We don’t usually go anywhere that costs money to get in, but we did get in at a cheaper cost than advertised, because of the weather. It pays to ask… How much?