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Too scared to live | Anxiety

Manor 039


I have already written about anxiety in my blog Too scared to live (too young to die). We all get anxious sometimes, but it can be a real problem if you get anxious all the time and it interferes with your life. I am a little nervous today because I have an appointment at the hospital in the picture. It is fear of the unknown, but I’ll cope! (more…)

A Saturday Ramble…

Barnes Meadow Bridge

Today’s picture is another one in sepia and it’s a picture of Barnes Meadow Bridge, a Victorian bridge in the heart of England. We explored the heathland around there and found a small pool. It was raining or we would have explored more and maybe found the lake that was around 100 yards away. The bridge goes across the canal and I think it looks good in sepia being Victorian. (more…)

Too scared to live…

There are a lot of people too scared to live (too young to die). Fear is a matter of degree though; scared to death or just a bit nervous or something in between. We are all something in between. What does cause this anxiety? (more…)