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End of winter #photography

RAIN (8)

Living in the middle of the Black Country means the roads are always busy, so I like to go out to take photos on a Sunday. Being in the shadow of the Welsh hills means we get a lot of rain too. It rained again on Sunday! (more…)


The Review: traffic

 The Broadway, Walsall

That’s the Broadway in Walsall in the picture. I used to ride down there on my bike as a kid. Then it was a 40 miles an hour speed limit; now it’s 30 with traffic lights, speed cameras and double mini roundabouts. Nightmare… (more…)

Thrifty Thursday 10

Money - Seeing the future


I’ve give a link to Tesco Direct before I forget, on the page there are money off codes for when you shop online with Tesco Direct. You can save £5 when you spend £50 or £10 when you spend £75; good savings but I might shop there more if they just lowered prices… I wish I had seen those codes before I bought my TV from Tesco, I would have got Mutual Points, Tesco Club card points, a money off code and a Tesco voucher! Mutual Points are OK, I saved 15,000 can cashed them in for £100.00

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