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Neodigital Art | Photons

July first 014

Photons are little bundles of energy that we call light. They come from the sun (when we aren’t making our own), bounce around and get reflected off everything. They bounce around rather like a ball bounces off different surfaces, some surfaces make a ball bounce fast if it’s hard, soft surfaces slow it down. Light gets absorbed by dark colours and reflected more by light colours. You can see where it is being reflected most in this picture, by the lighter colours. Now why is the green and foliage so dark in the foreground? (more…)


The Bucket list

PARK 021

WordPress suggested I write about things I intend to do before the end of the year.  I intend to get my car serviced this month and  photograph fireworks this weekend.  I also intend to buy presents and do shopping for Christmas. I usually do  a buffet at Christmas when my family visit; so I need to buy food and drinks. That’s it really to the end of 2011. Then I thought, I could write a ‘bucket list’; things I hope to do before I kick the bucket! (more…)