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Boxing Day 2011 | Blogging through Christmas


Today’s picture shows the canal frozen over, I’m pleased to say it’s a little warmer now. People are using up leftover food today. Many will have leftover turkey and I read a recipe this morning  for a Thai curry made from leftover turkey. These celebrity chefs live on another planet where Tesco is always open and coconut milk is always in stock. They also seem to have unlimited amounts of money. (more…)


Thrifty Thursday | Ideas

Money - Seeing the future

There are some ‘sensational deals’ at Lidl this week, I would like the Bachelor’s savoury rice and cup a soups, but they are unlikely to be gluten free and dairy free. I’ll get chicken and veggies and make my own soup as usual. In the Christmas market, they have duck, goose and venison. (more…)

Frugal Friday | Christmas thoughts

Money - Seeing the future

I had a look at the prices of turkeys today. The larger ones work out cheaper; generally speaking. The turkey crowns are about £9.00 a kilo. The price per kilo varies a lot and some are basted with butter. The price can be less than £3.00 a kilo for a large turkey. I found Asda to be cheaper than Tesco. It pays to check all the prices per kilo. I live alone and don’t want much left over and so the turkey thigh joint will be enough for me. (more…)