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In a class of my own

I think Britain’s class system is out-dated, but it’s is still a big influence over millions of people’s lives. The working classes are supposed to be the uncouth, beer drinking proletariat with few manners and little culture. While the middle classes aspire to be like their lords and masters;  the upper classes. (more…)

Social structure and the pecking order


Social structure is often divided into three strata, upper class, middle class and working class. Otherwise known as the rich, the middle income group and the poor. These different classes are often sub-divided. The rich can be aristocrats, those who inherited wealth or the capitalists who invest and have great wealth and power.


Pudding, sweet or dessert?

Green and pleasant

I have been thinking about the British class system this week. Apparently the upper classes say pudding and  the middle classes say sweet. I tend to say dessert, not that I have one very often. I do try to have fruit after meals, but often forget.  We did say pudding when we were kids, we had pudding too to fill us up. I thought we were working class, perhaps I was wrong; I could have been upper class all this time and not have known it? The coat of arms for my family name is on sale on EBay for $113.00, the very rare print from the 1700’s is on sale in Texas. I wonder if I should snap it up? (more…)

The Post Code lottery

Woden Road South in Summer

Unequal Britain

In Britain your post code; where you live, tends to  determine a lot of things. How you are viewed by society  in general and by public servants in particular. It tends to determine whether you get a good education, good health care, a decent job and equal opportunities in life. It also determines the way you speak and the way you behave. It can even determine whether you are polite or not! (more…)