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UK lottery result 6th of February 2013

Lottery result 6th of February 2013

I did a blog with the lottery result last week. There are still unclaimed tickets sometimes and my post last week was popular so some people need to check their tickets. I did mine online. No, I didn’t win!  Good luck. Please comment if you won something…


A Sunday Ramble…

Is it really autumn?

MM 3 028

I see autumn colours but the weather has been like it’s summer!  (more…)

Video Blog 1


Yes, my first video blog! No I’m not standing there boring you. I made this yesterday and uploaded it to Facebook. It’s clips, stills and most importantly it has relaxing music to go with the relaxing pictures. Play this when you need to relax! (more…)

Last ramble of July…

Butterfly 008


This is my last ramble of July and I’ve started with my photograph of a butterfly! I took this yesterday and it seems to be camouflaged! There is a macro mode on my camera and that’s the mode for close up photos like this one. The rocker switch on the back is simply clicked to the left and a icon like a flower displays. I did have to alter the photo a little after I put it on my computer with Windows Live Photo gallery (it’s free). (more…)