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End of winter #photography

RAIN (8)

Living in the middle of the Black Country means the roads are always busy, so I like to go out to take photos on a Sunday. Being in the shadow of the Welsh hills means we get a lot of rain too. It rained again on Sunday! (more…)


The Sunday Ramble: weather; whatever

This year seems to have gone quickly, maybe because I’ve kept myself busy.  I’ve been looking back through my library of photos, this one is from January 2013. Remember that snow? This year it was quite mild in January and we enjoyed lower heating bills. The price of petrol has come down this year too. (more…)

Photography: Preventing blur

1 poolside trees

Today’s photo isn’t particularly interesting, but there is a lot of detail. You can see the fine branches of the trees and the ripples on the water.  The image could have been much sharper, but I managed an interesting effect with a filter. I also kept the camera very still and used quite a fast speed. (more…)

Helping your neighbours

Woden Road S Wednesbury

I took this photo last Sunday afternoon. I don’t think the weather will be quite so sunny for today’s outing. Lots of ordinary people appreciate the Autumn colours and the beauty of nature; but nature can also be dangerous. Typhoon Haiyan has devastated the Philippines. We are sending £50 million in aid and other countries are trying to help too.  Can we afford it in these times of austerity?


Surviving the heat wave


We don’t cope with extreme weather very well in the UK. The country will come to a standstill if it snows and emergency departments in hospitals struggle if the weather is anything but the usual overcast skies and intermittent rain. We get depressed in winter and heat stroke in summer!


Free Days Out

Today’s photo was taken in Redhouse Park, West Bromwich, a few weeks ago. On a nice day, you could do worse than go there for a picnic. There are lots of places here in the Black Country. There’s parks, nature reserves and canals everywhere. You could even do a bit of fishing!


This week–the sun came out

Willingsworth park

Yes, the sun came out a couple of times this week in England and the storm that was forecast was more of a whimper than a storm. I could be getting used to them though. It could go nice now, which is a shame. We did so want our overseas visitors coming for the Olympics to experience some genuine British weather. We do have some artificial clouds though. I did get out on Sunday and took some photos for the Neodigital Art blogs, then again midweek, when I took this one in the early evening sunlight. (more…)

Bank Holiday Monday blues.

Woden Road S - Wednesbury

The Bank Holiday weekend was a bit of a wash out in the UK. But the flag wavers were out in London yesterday. The weather forecast for today is a little better. They have promised sunshine for this afternoon. We had record rain in April and then summer weather in May. It makes it interesting when it’s so unpredictable. My blogs have been inspired by the weather and so too is my photography. I’ve written a psychology blog on a Zillion Ideas today. What does your behaviour say about you? That’s the title and you might like to pop over and read that later. (more…)

The science bit…

Woden Road South, Wednesbury; England

Evaporation and photons

It was quite warm when I took this photo, in fact very warm in the car. I walked around the lake taking photos and it was cooler with a nice breeze. So to my first question; is the water in the lake, warm or cold? (more…)