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Photography: ISO, aperture and speed


This isn’t a great photo. I took it out of the window, trying to get my settings right before taking photos in wet cloudy weather. This was taken with my Nikon D3200 DSLR. It has a larger sensor than a bridge camera or compact camera and so is better in low light. Bridge cameras have a good zoom, but if you double click this picture to make it larger you can see that the definition is such that I can zoom in and read the number plates on those cars easily. (more…)

Photography | White balance

Moorcroft Wood

If you’re not sure what settings to use on your camera, one of the automatic ones is best. I’m getting used to the Nikon 3200 now and so hope for better results with aperture priority. With a shot like this though, I had to decide on white balance. There is one for bright sunlight and one for shade. I decided on the sunlight one because the sun was quite bright shining through the trees.