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Neodigital Art | more editing


I took this photograph last Autumn and as you can see the sun was bright and reflected well off the Autumn colours. The picture looks dull though and so I can improve it a lot with editing. I used Windows Live Photo Gallery, it’s easy to use.



Finance Friday | Budgeting

Money - Seeing the future

Budget 2012

I learned this morning how many people read my blog and in which countries; I was surprised to learn in how many different countries. I have to be honest there were a few, that were unfamiliar! In the UK, later this month, the Chancellor of the Exchequer will present his budget for the coming year. We too have to budget and be careful with our money wherever we live in the world. This is a matter of understanding money and setting priorities; essentials are more important that luxuries and then keeping proper accounts. (more…)

Frugal | Internet Freebies



I took the above the photograph and then converted it to look like a sketch with Fotosketcher. You can click the above link to go to the Fotosketcher website or click here and download it from also have a lot of other programs that are freeware to download. You can also get Smoothdraw a powerful picture editing and drawing program that works with a graphic tablet from (more…)

Blogging | Choosing a subject

Canal edit one

Some bloggers simply write about their lives, others have a genre that they know a lot about. If you are just writing about your life and you have a boring day; won’t your blog be boring? If you have a particular genre won’t you run out of things to say about it? I think some genres like art are so diverse that you can keep writing about it forever and never run out of informative things to say but some genres can be difficult. I write about finance and being thrifty and frugal, but I struggle for ideas sometimes. (more…)