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Finance Friday | Frugal skills

I made a shepherd’s pie this week (pictured) and that was nice. We have to try to cook frugal meals now. It looks a little burnt around the edge just it wasn’t. That was the reason for the foil tray to stop the edges burning. It is a good idea to pop in under the grill to brown the top a little. They are easy to make, a meal in themselves and can be frozen. (more…)


Frugal Friday | Winemaking 1


Commercially wine tends to be made out of grapes because they contain more sugar, but many wines are made from apples, pear and other fruits. Winemaking was very popular a few years ago and most people made it from kits. There is no need for a kit and you can make it from fruit or  fruit juice from the supermarket. Forget those dusty old wine making books that tell you to use citric acid and raisins! You can do much better than that these days and make a wine that is comparable with the stuff you buy; but a lot cheaper! (more…)