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How to write a novel | Writers block

Junction 10 M6 Motorway

If you’re following my story about Nick and Lily, you’ll know that they have a love-hate relationship. Nick is typically English and Lily is American and almost his opposite. I need humorous dialogue between Nick and Lily, but I can’t think of any. Is it writer’s block? Do I need to be inspired? Maybe, I am approaching the problem wrongly.



Writer’s block

steps vintage

Today’s picture is the steps down to the canal. That canal crosses Bull Lane in Moxley, local people might want to know that! I changed the photo with the ‘vintage’ option on Fotosketcher. I’ve been editing a lot of photos this week and seeing what they look like as old photos, sketches or even watercolours. Fotosketcher has lots of options. I can also edit again in Windows Live gallery after using Fotosketcher. Microsoft Paint and Smoothdraw are also useful for editing. (more…)